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Friday, August 24, 2007

Attack of the Giant Slugs

Forget flying slugs, I don't have a big enough catapult to sling the new wave of giant gastropods. (Yes, yes, I know, that picture was actually a trebuchet not a catapult)

So to answer the question... Is the UK facing a slug plague? Yes. But more importantly than that take a look at the SIZE of this bastard next to Becky's car!

Giant slug parked next to Mini

And as for people finding this blog with the phrase "why do slugs come in the house", well that's a good question... 'cos just after finding the gigantic slug next to Becky's Mini I went to get the milk from the fridge for a cup of tea and found a snail on the fridge door!

so rather than "why do slugs come in the house" more to the point is "how do snails get in the house?"... This snail must have sneaked through the cat flap...

Snail on my fridge

Anyway, don't tell Becky about the snail on the fridge door, she doesn't know ;)

Oh, and Happy Birthday to my blog, 3 years old today :)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Why does everything on eBay smell the same?

I'm not joking, haven't you noticed? Or am I the only one?

Everytime I order something from eBay, I open the parcel and get this same distinct aroma... seriously! Hence my question;
"why does everything on eBay smell the same?"
Boss DS-1 DistortionIt's this sort of pungent sweet musty smell, like everybody from whom I've brought anything on eBay smokes Turkish or Russian cigarettes and hordes away electronic gadgetry and EE Doc Smith & Sci Fi novels in dusty corners, the treasures finally squeezed into padded Jiffy bags with one last puff of foreign-flavoured nicotine to wish the items luck on their way to the leafy suburbs of green & pleasant Hampshire.

Go on, next time you order something used from eBay, get yourself a noseful and tell me I'm right.

Anyway, I'm going to be nosey now: what was the last thing you ordered off eBay...?

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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Online Driver Vacancies

Online Driver Vacancies
I found this ad on a counter in the local supermarket; they have Online Driver Vacancies.

Cool. I'd like to be an Online Driver. Do you think it requires me to get a second life account and go pimp my ride?

I know it states "4 years full driving licence required" but that's nothing - I've had mine for nearly 20 years AND I'm not only a demon driver but a dab hand at MSR, Project Gotham, Gran Tourismo, SEGA Rally et al.

I can do that, I can be an Online Driver.

Gizza Job.


Friday, August 03, 2007


Excuse me for being crude but when I saw an event called TOSSFEST being publicised on the front page of the Joomla! CMS website I nearly spewed my tea on my keyboard. Does anybody else find it funny or am I just being juvenile?

TOSSFESTSo I'll say it again...

TOSSFEST; that's the Thai Open Source Software FESTival

And what a logo, I bet they splashed out a bit on that.


Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Thanks a bunch

Firstly I'd like to say a belated "thanks a bunch" to the Bulldog Twyford Subaru Garage.

Subaru Legacy BF TurboYou see, when I booked my old Subaru Legacy in for some work back in January, I didn't expect the response to "I have an annoyingly loud tapping sound from the engine" to be "Well, it has done over 120,000 miles!"

I am not a qualified mechanic but even I knew it was a sticking hydraulic lifter. The Subaru garage's recommended remedy to this was an oil change and even after the oil change the knocking sound still persisted. I figured that because a Subaru garage couldn't fix this then nobody could.


And here I am, six months later... I only wanted a CV gaiter replaced on my 1994 Subaru Legacy so I went to my friend's nearby garage and asked if he could this job and, oh by the way, could he change the oil again please?

I actually suggested to him to run the car for 5-10 minutes until the engine was warm enough for the noise of the hydraulic lifter to die down a bit, thus allowing the engine flush to be able to penetrate the lifters. Then to give it an engine flush, which, for those of you who may not be familiar, is to run the engine with half a litre of hardcore industrial cleaner in it for a further 10 minutes. (This gets rid of all the crap in the oil system, including the gummed up oily deposits which I reckon was the cause of the malfunctioning hydraulic lifters.) Finally to drain the oil, fit a new oil filter and add new engine oil, as you do in a regular oil change.

My friend agreed that this all sounded like a perfect plan, so he did the job to the letter and now my engine doesn't rattle as it did for the last half a year; so to the Subaru garage I say...
"Thanks a bunch"
Proton 1.3GEAnd today, with my car requiring further work, I was given a courtesy car by my friend's garage because they couldn't finish the job by the time I called to collect my motor.

When seeing the courtesy car one of my neighbours said "It's hardly a courtesy, is it?" which was echoed later on by another neighbour. And by that they meant that they too were disappointed at the... Proton 1.3GE Triple Valve.

Yeah, yeah, it's only done 48,000 miles since 1993, and yeah, yeah, it's had just one lady owner, and yeah, yeah, it was free and better than walking...

Actually, no it wasn't, I take that back. So to my mate and his garage...
"Thanks a bunch"
Bloody horrible little car... I'm too embarrassed to drive it... give me back my Subaru.

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